We create Interactive
Digital Experiences for
the new generation.

We create Interactive Digital Experiences for the new generation.

We are a technology solutions company
building cool stuff for web 3.0

Not a really long time ago, our founders were blown away with everything happening around them in the internet space. They tried to find their share of fortune in the mad digital Gold Rush. Having spent countless hours on watching online tutorials and reading various ‘For Dummies’ books and acquiring tech world wisdom, they figured out that things won’t work that way.

A transitory Nirvana told them that “the name of the game” in the real world was to set out doing the real stuff and that’s when the actual business of dealing with clients and solving their technology problems started.

Here’s a list of things that we do to
make money for our clients and ourselves

We wish we could say we are working on some secret projects to communicate with Aliens, building software that runs spaceships and also developing the next big crypto currency (Maybe we are but can’t write here).

But what we actually do is, build simple products and services for the internet that include Websites, E-Commerce Stores, Cloud based applications, SAAS Platforms, Mobile Applications, AR/VR products and been fiddling around a bit with Blockchain technologies (though we still don’t get it yet. We are waiting for our copy of ‘Blockchain for Dummies’).

Having said that, we will not say the industry moniker “we do things differently”, because we don’t.

We really don’t.

You could ask us if we do things better?


In a nutshell, this is what we do

Product Strategy & Planning

Technology Consulting

Augmented Reality / VR Experiences

Responsive Websites

E-Commerce Sites

Cloud based Web applications

Mobile Apps

A few good friends we made while working

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